Portable Shaker Tables for Vibration Sensors

Perform Vibration Sensor Validation and Loop Checks

Testing the entire measurement channel via system testing or loop checks is the most important function of a Portable Shaker Table. By testing the transducer along with its cabling and data acquisition programming, technicians can identify errors like improper scaling or triboelectric noise before they become bigger problems. Specified within the American Petroleum Institute Standard 670 (API 670), all Portable Shaker Tables from The Modal Shop are closed loop variable amplitude and frequency as well as programmable, reducing the time required to perform repetitive tests. Each Portable Shaker Table is long-life battery powered, rugged, accurate, NIST traceable and supplied with an accuracy calibration certificate accredited by the A2LA to ISO 17025.

We also carry Portable Vibration Calibrators for test and measurement.