Noise Dosimeter Rental

Monitor Workplace Noise Exposure | Spartan Model 730

Noise dosimeter rental makes it easy to get noise dose measurements right. Renting Larson Davis Noise Dosimeters from The Modal Shop makes it simple to make the necessary measurements to ensure workers are safe from occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

Why Rent Noise Dosimeters from The Modal Shop?

  • Units ship with a calibration period that extends through the rental period, and calibration certificates are provided
  • We stock only proven units designed and manufactured by our sister company Larson Davis
  • Test your way! Rent a single dosimeter or any size multipack—discounts are available for rentals of 5 or more units.
  • Acoustic calibrator and accessories included in rental at no extra cost
  • Availability: We stock large quantities of dosimeters so that what you need will be in stock when you need it
  • Value: See our downloadable pricelist for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, plus options to extend rental beyond the initial period
  • All software and apps for setup and post-processing are included in the rental or available as a free download
  • The Modal Shop has a commitment to and a proven track record of Total Customer Satisfaction

Spartan Noise Dosimeter Features and Benefits

  • View live measurements and control the dosimeter from a nearby mobile device
  • Wireless charging
  • Complete report generation with free LD Atlas mobile app or G4 LD Utility: software offers tools to simplify setup, report generation, and exploration of “what-if” scenarios for noise control solutions
  • Accurate data collection with automatic removal of noise due to bumps or drops
  • Automatic data download
  • Rugged, tamperproof housing
  • Voice-to-text annotation of results using a phone
  • Options for event sound recording and 1/1 octave filters

All Spartan Series Rental Kits Include

  • 730/730IS - Spartan Model 730 or Model 730IS Dosimeter with WS012 windscreen and set of clips 730-CLIPS
  • CCS05X - Hard case with installed wireless charging pads with cable and AC adaptor, sized to fit quantity of dosimeters rented (CCS056 for 1, CCS057 for up to 3, CCS058 for up to 5, CCS059 for up to 10)
  • CAL150 - Calibrator
  • ADP109 - Adaptor pre-installed in calibrator
  • DVX016 - Bluetooth Low Energy USB Dongle
  • CBL218 - 3 ft (1 m) USB-A to micro-B cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Spartan Noise Dosimeter Model 730 Rental

Options available
  • 730-ESR - Option to add event sound recording (per dosimeter)
  • 730-OB1 - Option to add 1/1 octave filters (per dosimeter)

Similar to: Casella dBadge2, Svantek SV104A, TSI Quest Edge5, Quest Edge 7, 3M Quest NoisePro DLX, NoiseCHEK

Intrinsically Safe Spartan Model 730IS Rental

  • Rated for use in explosive environments with ATEX, MSHA, UL 913, IECEx, ANZEx, FCC, UKCA, CAN/CSA C22.2 approvals
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Full specs from manufacturer
Options available
  • 730-ESR - Option to add event sound recording (per dosimeter)
  • 730-OB1 - Option to add 1/1 octave filters (per dosimeter)
  • 730-NBT - Option to remove Bluetooth capability for high-security and radio-free zones

Similar to: Casella dBadge2, Svantek SV104A, TSI Quest Edge5

Learn how modern noise dosimeters can improve Industrial Hygienists’ ability to make good quality worker noise exposure measurements

Noise Dosimeter Applications

  • Comply with Worker Noise Dose Standards and regulations such as OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH, ISO 9612, and EU Directive 2003/10/EC
  • Measure worker noise exposure
  • Perform task-based noise measurements
  • Create or validate hearing protection programs

Legacy Noise Dosimeter Solutions

The Larson Davis Spartan Noise Dosimeter Series have replaced the meters below. If you use these legacy products and want information about rental or used units for sale, please email our Rental Team.

Larson Davis 706RC LEGACY

Larson Davis 706 LEGACY

Larson Davis 705+ LEGACY