Vibration Test Shaker and Modal Shaker Accessories

Stingers | Excitation Stands | Head Expanders

The Modal Shop’s Vibration Test Shaker and Modal Shaker accessories range from stingers and accessory kits to lateral shaker excitation stands and impact hammers. Learn more below.

  • STP 2000X03 Shaker Accessory Kit Product 1

    Modal Shaker Test Accessories

    Options from modal shaker stingers to shaker stands to test structure supports designed to simplify your modal testing.

  • STP 2000X01 Shaker Head Expander Product 1

    Vibration Shaker Test Accessories

    Learn more about accessories designed to increase the mounting footprint of your vibration shakers and isolate the shaker vibration from the surrounding area.

  • electric impact hammer

    Electric Impact Hammer

    The Electric Impact Hammer Model 086P92ES is a heavy duty impactor ideal for applications such as modal analysis that require repeatable force inputs.

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  • stp recommended literature application 3

    Modal Handbook

    The Modal Handbook is written to enhance the modal test engineer and technician’s knowledge and understanding in performing routine modal tests. Practical issues are addressed as well as frequently asked questions.

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