Digital ICP - USB Signal Conditioner

Digitize ICP® Sensors | Model 485B39

485b39 Digital ICP-USB Signal ConditionerDigital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner Model 485B39, a pocket-sized, dual-channel ICP® (IEPE) digital signal conditioner, offers standard USB audio digital output. Plug & play signal conditioning makes for quick setup and intuitive functionality without the need for driver installation. The Signal Conditioner powers ICP sensors through BNC connections while digitizing their signals over USB. Simply plug the unit into a USB port and view signals from accelerometers, microphones, hammers, or any other ICP-type sensor.



  • Easily acquire, save, and share data on-the-go
  • Plug & play, Portable sensor digitization
  • High-quality, 24-bit, broad-frequency measurements
  • 2-channel ICP (IEPE) sensor inputs
  • Compatible with MATLAB®, LabVIEW™, and a variety of time and frequency signal analysis programs
  • Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux ready


  • General dynamic signal digitizing
  • Binaural recordings
  • Sound & vibration measurements: isolation, transmissibility, correlation studies, and resonance testing
  • Industrial IoT applications
  • Educational laboratory experiments

digi k485b39-DigitalICP-with-phone-and-SignalScopeX productExisting third party Windows®, iOS ®, Android™, macOS®, or Linux® software can be used to acquire time waveforms, frequency spectra, overall RMS measurements, and octave measurements or simply record data for further analysis. The small form factor, versatility, and powerful software options make this the perfect tool for taking measurements on-the-go. Whether you’re just learning about sensing; taking measurements on a daily basis; or simply want to add digital, portable functionality to your existing sensors; the ICP – USB Signal Conditioner is a practical addition to your tool set.


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Frequency Range (±5 %)0.8 Hz to 20.7 kHz
Channel Count2
Voltage Range (Nominal)±10 V pk [1]
Temperature Range (Operating)14 °F to 176 °F (-10 °C to +80 °C)
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Excitation Voltage to Sensor (± 5 %)24 VDC
Constant Current Excitation (± 5 %)4 mA


For a more comprehensive list of accessories, please see the Product Specification Sheet.

MD821AM/A USB A to Lightning Camera Adaptor
USB A to USB OTG Adaptor
Inline ICP® Charge Converter (422Exx Series)

Optional Versions

V485B39 – Voltage Inputs (No ICP Supply Current)
IV485B39 – ICP (CH 1), Voltage (CH 2)